Double Your Chiropractic Practice Without Paying For Facebook Ads, Videos, SEO, or Google Ads

– I’m Rick with Full Circle Coaching Consulting. I do the marketing and I’m with – Hi Rick. – Coach Jay Brightlow – Hi everyone. – One of probably the busiest coaches at Full Circle cause he brings a lot of this. But, so, I want to talk about how people often are attracted to Full Circle because typically they’re busy, they’re stuck, they’re stuck working in a practice that doesn’t give them a lot back, right? They’re kind of sacrificing a lot of the time that they’d rather spend with their family. And so there’s a lot of companies out there who talk about chiropractic marketing and new patient acquisition. So that’s all fine and good, it’s necessary; but it’s not something we really focus on, right? Because we focus more of a unmarketing approach. – Yeah, can I just speak to that really quick? (upbeat music) It feels like the holy grail of being a successful chiropractic practice is how do I get more new clients in the door? What’s the magic formula? What’s the one step, two step, 15 step formula that’s gonna magically populate my computer with all these new patients? So that holy grail is not our holy grail.

– Right. – Just for clarification. – Right, and we find a lot of chiropractors don’t even have the time and desire to learn Facebook ads, to film awkward videos, to pay Google a lot of money, to send people to a website they haven’t updated in 20 years. – Not that a website isn’t important. But that’s not the thing that’s ever gonna drive the new clients into your space. The thing that is always gonna drive clients into your space is having a vacuum.

We talk about the universe abhors a vacuum. But the thing is, if you’ve got focus blocks and you’re stuck in your life, you’re never gonna be able to accept the energy of somebody unloading their life on you. So the very, very first thing we do is we get really, really clear with our clients what their vision for success is. So if their vision for success is 500 patients a week or 50 patients a week or 300, the number makes no difference.

We want the client to say here’s what the number is at this price point so I can have this income. That’s the very, very first thing to do. Once we get there, why is that process not happening? Usually there’s things that are stuck, there’s blocks somewhere along the way. So when Rick said unmarketing, well, the first thing is to unwind yourself and authenticate who you are and what you want to do with your gifts to the world.

So it’s not just plug and play and here this is because if just say Here’s the new leaf chiropractic Dr. Jay Brightlow marketing skit and we plug it in, you might say well, that didn’t work. Why didn’t it work? Why didn’t it work? Because that’s what my ideal recruiting strategy is. I like doing dinner talks. I like doing lunch talks. But not everybody does. I like asking my clients for referrals. Not everybody does. So there’s many, many different strategies. So it’s finding what you value or what you’re naturally good at because you value those things. Once you sort of put those pieces together and you clear up space-occupying reasons for your life, you can fully step into your own authentic greatness, if that makes sense. – Absolutely. So it sounds like you can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want and… – That’s a starting place, yeah.

– And if you follow someone else’s playbook for success, you’re gonna find success as defined by them and not you and/or it’s just not gonna work. – Yeah, I don’t know what your definition for success is, Rick, and you probably don’t exactly know mine. Now we talk a lot the two of us and so you might have a good idea of what that looks like and you probably know family is a hardcore value for me but it may or may not be for you or for the person who you’re talking to in your office. And so when you have a better understanding of what your core values are, and what drives you; and you understand that not everybody shares the same value system, it’s gonna allow you to connect with people on a deeper level once you have a chance to meet them in public, meet them at an ice cream store, or meet them at a screening or a spinal fair or just somebody who walks in your office.

And so I think that’s a big piece also is when you know your values, speaking to your values, and then humbly accepting and listening to other people’s value systems. Cause if you can do that, then you’re gonna care for people on a much, much, much deeper level. – Right. I’m thinking the people that find and resonate with Full Circle’s message, are the ones that are generally have plateaud a practice because they lost the momentum. They’re not looking forward to going to the office anymore and where energy goes money flows. Is that the saying? – Yeah. – They’re not getting patients, they’re focusing on not having time. – So all those things and I think the first piece is You’ve got this practice and you built it up, right? And you get to a place that where you’re largely a success.

But then it plateaus and it starts to go down and you can’t understand why all the things that you used to do aren’t working. Why aren’t they working anymore? The reason why I think things like aren’t working anymore is because there’s probably been a change in your life. There could be a value system shift, there could be a baby, there could be children who have been in the house who have moved out, now how do you fill that void? So it could be a value thing or there could be someone or something that has come up in your life that is just energetically blocking you. As chiropractors it’s so simple, right? We remove interference. We remove subluxation. We put the bone back in place. Well, how do you look at the chiropractic model? In the coaching piece, it’s kind of the same thing. We look for that block and all we do is we hold you accountable for removing it. We’ve got some action steps and some little fun tricks that we can do that will help you pull that out, but it’s our job accountability wise to say you said you’re gonna do this and you’re gonna do it.

As a chiropractor, and it’s the same thing, you said you’re gonna show up for these 12 adjustments at this time, Mary Jane. Is there something that shifted in your life, that’s changed, that you’re not making your appointments the last two or three times? It’s the same thing. One of the things we do is we help people step into their authentic greatness and be unafraid; compare it to that new show Fearless; to be fearless, to ask people to step into their greatness also.

And reconnect to the commitments that they’ve made. – So this is all part of Full Circle’s four-step process for helping people get unstuck and actually figure out what the hell they actually want. – Yeah, and we talked about two of them, right? I think we talked about what your vision is and what is that swirl that has taken you focus and what is it that you really need to focus on that maybe is not concerned with your practice and your visions for your practice or your life. There are, so that’s kind of halfway place. – Yeah, that’s where we work on the driver, not the vehicle. But we need the vehicle to be supported so that it can support the vision for where you want to go. – Yeah, 100% right? Because you’re the driver in your office.

Now you may have… let’s go with an analogy, right? We’ve got a bus and the driver takes the bus where you want to go. You can have an unruly passenger on the bus and that could just destroy the whole thing for everybody and you might not ever get to your destination. You might have those couple patients or people you serve or team members or teammates who might be those passengers on your bus who you’re driving who might be taking you all over town. No matter what, you don’t ever want to get on a bus if the driver, yourself, has no idea where they’re going. You only want to be, I know I want to be, driving on an airplane or a bus that is going directly to where I want to go, which is on vacation in Mexico frequently. – Yeah, before you get in the car you gotta know where you’re going. – Yeah, 100%. – Right, and then so it’s like marketing might be the fuel and the gas to get it where it’s gotta go. But if you don’t know where it’s going and you don’t even have a car, then you’re just putting gas into something that doesn’t get you anywhere.

– Yup, exactly. What you said was right. You can use Facebook, you can use Google, you can do ads but that might not be your thing. And we’re not the chiropractic coaching company that says plug and play and do this thing. I would say more than half of our clients are not tech savvy and have no interest in that and most of them more than double their practice. – Oh yeah. – By just and it can be as quick as two months we’ve got a client who literally doubled his practice in two months. We had one recently, a woman up in Ohio, who doubled in nine months. And we’ve got a guy who’s up in Canada, up in the western part of Canada, and he’s got two practices and they were largely disjointed and what we did is we put systems in place for his two offices that essentially they run as one.

They run as one company, one system, and it’s consistently improved all the way through. Big piece for this guy was he wasn’t fulfilling his core value needs of bringing music into his life. Well he started to do that and have the same music and systems and using; and he’s not using music as a tool. All he’s doing is living through his music and who he is and he’s a musician by trade.

Now he’s attracting all these people who are musicians and they’re starting bringing in more musicians. Because he started to do more musical things in both of his offices and all his systems now kind of spring from that place. So it’s been a really nice shift for him and he hasn’t quite doubled but he’s… What I can speak to is in July, historically the slowest month of the year for him and for most chiropractic offices, June and July have been his two best months ever. – Amazing and increasing. – Yeah and yes increasing. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this young man as he gets deeper into his year. Fall month time, when kids get back into school and families get back. Cause family’s a big value for him and so he generally attracts families, so… – Right. – That was the piece. See, family and music. Those are the two big things and chiropractic was also. So now we bring all three of those things together and create this snowball that continues to grow and he’s got a really nice downhill-moving snowball right now.

– Yeah, and he’s excited to go to work. – Absolutely. – He’s plateaud. – Yeah. – There’s other solutions out there. It’s not just Facebook ads that everyone keeps pumping or running videos and retargeting the audiences and paying Google a lot of money. It’s, you know, sometimes it’s about you not the practice itself. – Not that there’s anything wrong with that because there’s not. – I agree, it works. – That doesn’t have to be your thing. It can and we can help you with that. You especially can help them with that. – I can help them with that. – But yeah, that does – That’s the Full Circle philosophy. – Yeah, exactly. – Alright, well thanks for recapping that, Jay. – Thanks, Rick. – I’m sure you got some clients to go coach.

– Yup, I’ve gotta get moving here. – Alright. (upbeat music) .

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