question I’ve been working to those eighteen entrepreneurs and you know up sitting down obviously with the first three years you know you lose money you make money and it’s all the up-and-down stuff and it definitely to a point to where I’m trying to figure out – we’re trying to get to an employee to get people under you I’m just not sure where the right timing is obviously trying to turn a drug goal you know 20 different things from photography to everything else but I mean the second you can are you trying to build a big business start running for itself not necessarily okay we’ll leave the business but to where we can create an infrastructure to really serve ready for yourself and not just always trying to catch to what the error is if you’re trying to build something big the second you can afford an employee is when you need an employee and then because the reality is you can’t do everything right and so if you’re investing in your long-term invest in your long-term like you should spend no money on anything you should buy no fancy stuff and you should put the money back into the business and then so you can build up the

business right too many people are talking out of both sides of the mouth they want to build up a big business but every time they make a couple of bucks a little bit of coin they’re buying some dumb shit like a new pair of Jordans do you feel like you can’t get to everything in like you really need employee obviously you do that’s why you asked it right I think we do I mean every every bit of help it’s where you know when you have you ten different things so let’s let’s let’s break this down technically if you’re spending money that you guys are making not on dumb shit thank God but on marketing to get more opportunities you’re better off not spending that money on more opportunities and putting it into employees so that you can then when you have enough to spend on new marketing opportunities take all that

opportunity if you’re getting your sales ahead of your delivery or or what you guys can handle then you’re gonna struggle the other thing is you brought up something very subtle which is the right person it’s not about the right person when you hire them it’s about knowing when to fire them everybody’s so crippled my man everybody’s so crippled by the hire they think everybody’s got ego around the hire they’re like oh I’m so good at this I got a process I’ve got good people skills I think I got the best EQ of all fucking time and I’ve hired so many schlemiel I can’t even count them because

everybody’s their best PR version when they’re when you’re trying to hire somebody you know how it is the cliche hey tell me one of your flaws Oh sometimes I work too hard just a higher higher on that intuition feel it and then if it’s not right six months later three months later or shit if you know five days I’ve hired people five days in it might take three or four months because I want to be fair but I’m like crap I’m in trouble I just know right away that something doesn’t taste right so don’t be crippled by the hiring know to

be good about the firing and then you could hire you should hire somebody like everything tells me you should hire somebody tomorrow you as well both you guys are just amazing and you’re out with deputy send me over at the entities have been for you guys first four as definitely merchandise for you guys thank you my man so wait when you saw that we were both together if your fans were you just like holy shit like peanut butter and jelly good morning and as far as you know Instagram live we’re having to click that let’s just see cuz I should never watch you on Instagram live no then put my number down a couple try man take care yourself

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