What To Expect During Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

So you’re gonna hear that the table making some noise any kind of like noises you hear when people you know uh popping the cracking that’s only just the the spine moving and gas being released like if you crack your own knuckle something like that like people that crack their knuckles breaking know would come back if they you know we hurt them so I actually have had x-rays on Chelsea so we gotta know what’s going on with her spine beforehand so really really easy really Jung hasn’t then take very long so you see as that spine model so they’re laying down this table just lifts up

underneath her hips just like that and we just adjust your pelvis just end up a little bit just really see you real gently so we start to correct that alignment of the pelvis to make sure it’s all level and balanced so that the foundation of your spine is straight so that’s just the table so those nerves in the low back you put on your legs the psychic nervy or the reproductive system so you always to make sure those things are clear out so take a nice deep breath in for me settle all the way out oh wow I just heard her that didn’t hurt though right did not hurt at all so while sitting all the thing okay I didn’t smuggle it in here yeah so so this is an intrument that helps me aid in the adjustments this is called the arthro stem so people that are mean younger older it’s a little bit a little gentle or approach to correcting their spine I love an impact gun so let me have your hand now so the harder I push the more so it’s like someone feeling Rachel really correct things without really you know being over

overusing or over intensified can you use that on someone’s neck – absolutely yeah we’ll see in a second so I kind of these lower backs are kind of the most common issue we see Wow so it’s gonna get that spine moving oh that looks like you kind of go over the areas that we adjusted on your back for me okay so this is what people get really scared about and we’re gonna come found a chiropractic you know their necks like don’t touch me and I get that absolutely but chiropractic itself was one of the most safe forms of health care that you can get you know I know my malpractice insurance if I was terrible I did it was it was high risk my practice insurance would be through the roof and it’s actually less than my auto insurance driver either so we check the neck we’re just eken for some areas that are not moving well some sore spots oh I’m sure she feels that little tension right there so we get really specific and get to do a certain tension and just a little push there oh I’m so jealous crazy yeah so good I was a good little one so I want you come on up for me I’m just gonna have a seat right here so like I said in the

beginning that cervical curve is crucial and how the body functions so this is a major major importance when it comes to your overall health so we kind of get this in here to help bring this natural cervical curve back into the spine so you can just keep the spine getting the right position and also helps to facilitate a faster correction – so now we’re always at a computer dad sees these new the texting now everything is head sideways whatever we do it’s like but the big problem is like well the nerves and the neck where do they go get on your arms to your hand you go out to the heart the lung so you know a problem here isn’t just neck or tension or pain or headaches even it so it’s it’s affecting how that body is really working and that’s kind of why I see from infants to how overall however old you are right so sometimes 84 and goes like twice a week shut up – right

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